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What Did that Geek Just Say?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, maintains a Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures. The dictionary is a great place to go to find out what people are talking about. It is also a great place to looking for different ways of doing things. I sometimes even go to the site just to look for entertaining technical concepts, like the “Cactus Stack”, “Stooge Sort” or even “Big-O Notation”. Continue reading

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How is Fill Factor Impacting My Indexes?

The theme for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday is indexes so it seemed like the perfect excuse to blog about a script that I have written to see what choices for fill factors on indexes actually does to the structure of those indexes. Continue reading

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A Stored Procedure to Move SSIS Packages Between Servers

This post provides the code for a stored procedure to move SSIS packages between SQL 2005 SSIS servers. Continue reading

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Great News! SSMS Tools Pack 1.9 is Coming Out!

Mladen Prajdic recently announced that the newest version of SSMS Tools Pack is coming out and I am excited.
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How Can I Quickly Script Out Replication?

This script takes a distribution server name and an output directory as parameters then works through all publications on each of the servers that connects to the distribution server, scripting them out. Continue reading

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What is an Easy Way to Return Results from a CLR Stored Procedure?

This post describes a helper class that I came up with to handle returning values from a CLR stored procedure. Continue reading

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Why Would a Delete Make My Database Grow?

A while back I had a developer come to me complaining that every time they ran a large delete statement on a certain database the delete would fail with a message claiming the database was full. My first instinct was that they were doing something wrong so I asked for the script so I could try it myself. To my surprise, running the delete actually did fill the database. Continue reading

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What is a Good Way to Run CheckDB on a VLDB?

Today’s script is one that I wrote based on the logic outlined in a post by Paul Randal. This script is written for SQL 2000 but, as Paul notes, the logic will work on SQL 2005. Continue reading

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How Do I Move SQL Database Files Around?

Here is a script that will generate a script to move database files around in SQL 2005/2008. Continue reading

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Where Do I Start with PowerShell?

This morning I set out to get some information about getting started in PowerShell for a coworker. Rather than spend a bunch of time searching for different sites I threw the question out to the SQL Community on Twitter via #SqlHelp. The response was so overwhelming that I decided I at owed it to the SQL Community to get it all written down. Continue reading

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