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How Can I Quickly Script Out Replication?

This script takes a distribution server name and an output directory as parameters then works through all publications on each of the servers that connects to the distribution server, scripting them out. Continue reading

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Where Do I Start with PowerShell?

This morning I set out to get some information about getting started in PowerShell for a coworker. Rather than spend a bunch of time searching for different sites I threw the question out to the SQL Community on Twitter via #SqlHelp. The response was so overwhelming that I decided I at owed it to the SQL Community to get it all written down. Continue reading

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Script Individual User Rights in a Database with PowerShell

Introduction Tonight on Twitter the call went out on #SqlHelp looking for a way to script just database permissions for a specific user. I wrote a script once that I was pretty sure did that so I jumped in to … Continue reading

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