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Why Would a Delete Make My Database Grow?

A while back I had a developer come to me complaining that every time they ran a large delete statement on a certain database the delete would fail with a message claiming the database was full. My first instinct was that they were doing something wrong so I asked for the script so I could try it myself. To my surprise, running the delete actually did fill the database. Continue reading

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Script to Create A TempDB File Per Processor

To satisfy my need to be lazy and protect me from myself I have written a script to add a TempDB file per processor. Continue reading

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A Busy/Accidental DBA’s Guide to Managing VLFs

Introduction Properly managing VLFs can make or break the performance of your databases. There is a ton of information out there on the proper management of VLFs, but nothing I have found that tries to boil it down to the … Continue reading

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How to Shrink TempDB in SQL 2005

Introduction From time to time you find yourself needing to shrink some space out of TempDB. Shrinking database files is never my first choice but sometimes it is the best I have. Many people think that you cannot shrink TempDB … Continue reading

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