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Stored Procedure to Sequentially Run SQL Agent Jobs

Here is another one of my utility scripts. Lately it seems like all I am blogging about lately is utility scripts, but I have a ton of them and need to get them documented. This stored procedure is used to run a series of SQL Agent jobs sequentially. It is one of my favorite stored procedures because it clears up a lot of headaches for me without having to spend a bunch of money or turn my maintenance schedules over to another team. Continue reading

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Stored Procedure to Get SQL Job Execution Status

Ever need a programmatic way to figure out if a SQL Agent job is running? I did. After spending a while searching on Google I did not turn up anything I liked so I turned to Profiler and started looking at what calls SQL Management Studio uses. After a bit of poking around I was able to come up with a stored procedure that I could call. Continue reading

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Using sp_ExecuteSql to Run Dynamic SQL

Dynamic SQL should be considered a highly specialized tool of last resort and used properly. Misuse can lead to your server and the data stored on it no longer belonging to you. Continue reading

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