This page contains links to the presentations that I have given at local user groups and SQL Saturdays. Click the link below the presentation name to see the abstract and slide deck.

Getting Out from Behind the Curtain – The New DBA
Delivered at SQL Saturday 31 – Chicago, SQL Saturday 40 – South Florida, Chicago Suburban SQL Server User Group

What To Do When It All Goes So Wrong
Delivered at SQL Saturday 67 – Chicago

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  1. Wanted to check out the slides, but it looks like the office web filter blocks the page. On a side note it looks like “Getting Out from Behind the Curtain – The New DBA” link is pointing to the “What To Do When It All Goes So Wrong” presentation. Great blog, I’m really glad you posted on the backup compression sizes a while back, that explained a lot of questions I had!

    1. Maybe there is some sort of caching that was causing the same presentation to show for both. I have tried it a few times over the last few weeks and can’t recreate the issue. Glad to hear the posts are helping!

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